Character Education

Building Men of Character

At Blue Ridge School, we define “character” as how a boy conducts himself when nobody is there to judge him. This concept lies at the heart of the Blue Ridge School experience, permeating every aspect of academics, activities, and campus life. Based on our Code of Conduct, we have integrated character education into our community, building teamwork, resilience, maturity, trust, and respect into our culture. Aspects include:

  • Following our Code of Conduct and promoting teachable moments wherever they occur
  • Expecting punctuality, integrity, perseverance, respect for all members of the community, taking responsibility for one’s actions, and being a “brother’s keeper” for others as part of everyday behavior
  • Promoting the benefits of teamwork, the value of learning from failure, and the difference between healthy and unhealthy competition
  • Requiring faculty and staff members to adhere to the same standard expected of the boys, and communicate the constant effort that goes into being a person of good character
  • Providing weekly opportunities to provide service to the community outside of Blue Ridge School

The Blue Ridge School’s Code of Conduct is posted throughout campus to remind boys of the standards they have agreed to live to. It includes following the Golden Rule and demonstrating integrity, respect, personal responsibility, moral courage, a strong work ethic, healthy habits, and support for others.

Helping others is a key component of our Character Education. The impact of community service on our world is stressed throughout our programs, and boys have opportunities to serve both in the classroom and as an extracurricular activity. From making apple butter to sell for charity and packing meals for the hungry to raising funds to provide holiday gifts for needy children, Blue Ridge boys learn to form the habit of incorporating community service into their everyday lives.

Each year, the boys take a trip to reinforce their character education. Freshmen go on a wilderness expedition to learn teamwork and perseverance. Sophomores travel to an urban center to help those living poverty. Juniors travel to Appalachia to help the impoverished, then go rafting as a team to overcome challenges together. And seniors embark on a capstone trip where each aspect of the Code of Conduct is explored in a four-day test.

Built for Character

At Blue Ridge School character education is the foundation for the learning environment that fosters both academic and personal growth. It is the heart of a culture that builds teamwork, resilience and trust both inside the classroom and out.