Fishburne Learning Center

Tailoring Teaching to Each Student's Learning Profile

The Fishburne Learning Center sets Blue Ridge School apart from other boys’ boarding schools by setting up individualized learning strategies and programs for those who may learn differently. We excel at working with boys who have mild learning disabilities and/or ADD/ADHD, particularly when the differences are linked to memory, executive function, reading comprehension, and processing speed. In fact, our program’s model has been published and presented as an example for programs throughout North America for its emphasis on metacognition, self-ad­vocacy, and deep integration with other programs.

Students benefit from teaching methods that are tailored to match their learning differences and thrive best from the added attention that comes from class sizes of three boys or less. Over the course of their four years here, nearly 30% of Blue Ridge boys leverage the Fishburne Learning Center, either every day as part of their curriculum or occasionally when they need a little extra help. Many of the Center’s students have earned academic honors at Blue Ridge School or have been elected to student leadership positions—including student body president, prefects, proctors, members of the Disciplinary Committee, and the Honor Council.

Students in the FLC are placed in either a Tier 1 or Tier 2 classroom setting. In both environments, students will have Individualized Education Plans as well as Student-at-a-glance documents that outline testing, accommodations, present level of performance, and educational background. Students in both settings will also have a primary FLC teacher and classroom. All FLC students will be measured in their progress toward generalized and specific goals. 

Tier 1: Tier 1 students are generally those who require additional, more individualized support. These classrooms have a maximum of three students in a class. The following are additional elements of the Tier 1 class: 

  • Skills instruction in the following areas:
    • Executive functioning (Organization, time management, etc.)
    • Adaptive thinking, self-monitoring, and self-advocacy
    • Study skills
  • General academic support
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Individually designed & structured evening study hall (if necessary)

Tier 2: Tier 2 students are generally those who require less individualized support. These classrooms have a maximum of five students in a class. 

  • College readiness skills
    • Some executive functioning
    • Research & writing
    • PBL Support
  • General academic support
  • Increased self-advocacy
  • More autonomy; self-driven

Hear from FLC Director, Dr. Alexander Keevil

Play to His Strengths—One Boy's Story

See how the Fishburne Learning Center works with a boy’s unique strengths, helping non-traditional learners learn in non-traditional ways.

Fishburne Learning Center Director

Dr. Alexander Keevil

Co-Director of Fishburne Learning Center, Assistant Dean of Faculty and Academics, Drama Assistant Director