Housing & Dining

A boy's home away from home

Residential life is at the center of the Blue Ridge experience. The dorm is where boys build camaraderie, develop friendships, learn structure, grow their confidence, gain independence, and acquire the life skills that will help them adapt to college life and adulthood. From time management and conflict resolution to boundary development and the importance of personal space, boys develop a strong sense of self and personal power that they will draw upon throughout their lives.

As they mature in this environment, they are given additional responsibilities, strengthening their leadership skills. Along the way they are guided by Hall Parents and student Proctors and Prefects who provide a mature presence and serve as role models. The result is a familial community that helps the boys feel closer to home.

Students participate in regular hall meetings where they cover a dedicated Residence Life curriculum on social-emotional development, such as creating a good first impression and living under social contract, and life skills like personal finance and home repair.

Gathering Around the Dining Table

The dining hall is a social hub where boys catch up with their teammates, advisors, teachers, and friends. And Blue Ridge School makes it very appealing with custom chef-crafted and prepared menus based on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Some of the boy’s favorites include make-your-own stir frys, Sunday omelets, and the ice cream sundae bar. Cultural holidays, such as Lunar New Year, are observed with special meals and our annual Thanksgiving Holiday Dinner draws advisors and their families together with the boys for family-style feast.

Keegan traveled hundreds of miles to find a home away from home at Blue Ridge School.
students in the dining hall
Cultural holidays bring special menus and opportunities to celebrate with friends, advisors, and teachers.